Lea Feinstein in her studio

An East-coaster transplanted to the West, Lea Feinstein is an artist, writer, and teacher who has worked in a variety of media from bronze casting to performance art. She has taught at RISD, MICA, CCA, Academy of Art SF, George Washington and Georgetown University. She has written about art for national and local magazines, and penned a walking tour of Munch’s Oslo for a travel guide. As a friendly gallery director, she invited visitors to touch the paintings on display—to choose their favorites and the ones they hated most--and to tell her why.

She is right-handed, but paints with her left.

For the past 20 years, Feinstein has worked with Tyvek, a high-density polyethylene industrial material that resembles Japanese rice paper. She applies various processes to this material including painting, folding, dyeing, crimping, and crumpling to create malleable sculptures that resemble fashion, architecture, or Japanese influenced decor.

She has learned everything she knows from her students, her children, the natural world, and the places she has lived. She has a studio in Los Angeles, and a small working space in Maine, where she spends summers.

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